Medlen hair color

Forget about frequent visits to the hair salon that are too expensive, just to cover your gray hairs. Using Medlen hair color will allow you to fully cover gray hairs and grown out roots from the comfort of your home, as often as you need.

Medlen hair color is an innovative hair product that lets you transform your hair from home, without being a professional. This hair color is really easy to use and spreads evenly and nicely on the hair, leaving it soft and vibrant.

Why choose Medlen ?

Medlen is developed by professionalists and lets you transform your hair from home. The hair color features innovative technology and unique ingredients that color your hair from the roots and leave it soft and smooth.

Innovative technology

The hair color effectively colors stubborn gray hairs and covers grown out roots. It can be used to color the whole hair, just the roots, or to make highlights with it. The formula of the product goes deeply into the structure of the hair and seals the color in.

True colors

Medlen hair color comes in a wide range of colors so that you can freely choose the one that is most suitable for you. Each color is beautiful and radiant. It looks vibrant and fresh and makes the hair shiny.

Unique ingredients

This product combines powerful ingredients into its formula that help protect the hair during the coloring process. The color contains oils that are rich in hydration and help improve the condition of the hair and make it smooth

Price: €13.99


  • Hair color
  • Oil- rich formula
  • Effectively covers gray hairs
  • Makes hair shiny and soft
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